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How to Play Tennis Fixtures

Cressy Tennis Club competes in the Rockhampton Tennis Associations Saturday afternoon fixtures at the Rockhampton Regional Tennis Centre in Victoria Park on Lion Creek Road.

A mixed competition the Saturday afternoon fixtures are regarded as the premier tennis competition in Rockhampton. To play Saturday afternoon fixtures, players need to join one of the clubs affiliated with Rockhampton Tennis Association. The Club then places the player into one of their teams.

It is possible that a group joining could be placed in the same team if they are of a similar standard.

Players do not necessarily have to be available every Saturday to play.

Cressy has reserves for each team to accommodate shift workers and other family responsibilities that can make availability every Saturday afternoon a hassle at times.

To help determine the most suitable grade for new players Cressy holds a weekly Wednesday night Commitment Free social tennis hit, at this social hit new players can meet some club members and, after a few sets, they will be advised what grade they would find most enjoyable to play.

The Wednesday Night Commitment Free Social Tennis is from 6.00 – 8.00pm and is open to any player (no need to join the club) no matter how rusty.

New players can get involved in the weekly Saturday afternoon fixtures at nearly anytime during the season.

There’s no need to wait for a new season to start.


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